Your Ultimate Honeymoon Checklist

Couples are under a lot of pressure to make sure that their wedding goes off without a glitch. It’s also important that the honeymoon gets their marriage off to a good start. Who wants to start off life together with a nightmare honeymoon!?

Often, honeymoon arrangements fall to the groom. To help ensure that bride and groom return in newlywed bliss, here is a list of things essential for a perfect honeymoon.

Paperwork Panic
In the midst of a busy pre-wedding and wedding day, it’s easy to slip up. Can you imagine arriving at the airport and being turned away? That’s why it is essential to gather those all-important documents and place them in your carryon luggage. What do you need? Airline tickets and boarding passes, Passports, and Hotel booking information. It’s also wise to have photocopies of traveler’s check documents, vaccination information specific to a destination, health insurance cards, out-of-country insurance, and contact data for travel agent or Travel Company.

 They’re in My Phone!
It’s a good idea—in theory—to store vital information in your smart phone. Phone numbers for your emergency contact people, hotel, travel agent, your doctor, any other vital numbers should be backed up with a hard copy list. Don’t just count on these being in your phone. What happens if your phone is lost, stolen, broken or won’t work? Make sure you have paper copies as well!

May I have your ticket please?
Tickets for events on trips are vital. Without them the anticipated theatre outing, ball game or safari will not happen. Imagine getting ready to set off and discovering that you’ve left your tickets back at home.

 Prescription Peril
You need to have a list of prescriptions from your doctor and those prescription drugs in their original bottles. This will help avoid any unnecessary issues at customs!

Leave nothing to chance!
Try to envision what might befall you during this exciting week or two. Sea sickness, headaches, sunburn, upset stomach? Then go through your medicine cabinet and gather those over-the-counter drugs. Don’t expect they will be available in the exotic destination of your honeymoon. Be sure to pack that Ibuoprophen, Gaviscon, travel sickness medication, sunscreen and sunburn treatment. You’ll be glad you did! You can also check with the airline and make sure that nothing you are bringing will be a problem.

Put your best foot forward…
Whether you’re planning long romantic walks on the beach or a hike up that glorious mountain that’s behind your villa, you’ll need good walking shoes. It’s easy to purchase new clothes if you need something that you didn’t pack, but those well broken-in hiking boots or those runners that fit just right? Priceless! Be sure to pack them.

Honeymoons are all about kicking back and enjoying each other’s company. This is your chance to start your marriage off on the right foot. Use this checklist to make sure you’re ready for everything!

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