The ‘Other’ Type Of Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette parties used to be simple. The girls got together on the same night as the boys’ had their bachelor party. They drank some wine, had some snacks. In the naughtiest of these nights, male strippers arrived to do all sorts of things to embarrass and entertain the bride-to-be. These moments were, of course, captured on Kodak for later review and sharing.

However, times have changed. Bridal attendants arranging a bachelorette party have many options. Here are some that don’t involve costly travel or pricey venues:


How about a Yoga Retreat or a Spa Day?

Every girl loves a pamper day or a yoga retreat. Many spas run the party and even serve food and drinks. Or give your guests an experience they’ll never forget! Fitness Pole Dancing is all the rage right now! Feel sexy while getting a great workout with your girlfriends! Trust us, there will be a ton of laughs on this outing!


Host a Lingerie or Jewelry or Pampered Chef Party

This is a super way to outfit the bride for her new home or her honeymoon. The bride receives credit from the company for products ordered by the guests. Guests may choose to purchase a gift for the bride in addition.

With some companies, snacks are provided or food is prepared during the party. Fun activities and prizes are incorporated into the evening’s agenda. The show hostess provides all this. You merely supply the venue and the guests.


Choose a Theme!

Choose a party theme like Rodeo or Motorcycle Mamas or Mexico or Super Heroes. Have guests dress for the theme. Serve a signature cocktail and theme-appropriate food.

One bridal party threw a Cow Girls party. Guests came dressed in cowgirl attire. A mechanical bull was rented and someone taught line dancing. A chuck wagon delivered BBQ food appropriate to the theme. Everyone had a wonderful night.

Another group threw a casino night. A long buffet table was set up and a company brought in and ran games of chance.


Let Technology Help

Throw a glow bachelorette party. Create tattoos with neon markers. Give everyone glow glasses and use black light to make things glow. If you’re feeling really daring, pop glowing pecker ice cubes into the drinks.

You might also consider a virtual reality party. You can ride roller coasters or battle zombies or engage in high speed chases. (

Try a Wii party where your group goes bowling or dancing or goes to a virtual sport resort or has a singalong.

Or you might use an app like Bachelorette Party ( to have some fun and laughs with friends.


Bachelorette Olympics

Two groups clad in the wedding theme colors (e.g., purple and silver) compete in bridal theme competitions like: beer bingo; food relay; dress the bride race; wedding obstacle race; build a dress with toilet tissue; pin it to win it; wedding trivia. You are limited only by your imagination!


Bachelorette Treasure Hunt

Participants work in pairs or small groups. They have an hour to try to fill the list and bring back photos on their phones to show things like

  • Locate a guy to take your picture and post it on Instagram with an outlandish hashtag.
  • Get a guy to serenade you and capture it on video.
  • Pose with a stranger.
  • Snap a photo with guy who can do some athletic stunt
  • Create a condom balloon and bring it back to share.
  • Convince a guy to flash his tattoo……extra points for one in a hidden spot.
  • Get a stranger to write honeymoon advice to the bride on a cocktail napkin
  • Photo bomb
  • Let participants add an outlandish one of their own.

Again, you are limited only by your imagination when you create the list. Arm the participants with markers, a pen, a condom and a cocktail napkin as well as the list. Award points for each bullet and extras for over-the-top effort in each category.

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