Sawmill Creek Golf



This beautiful Rene Muylaert designed golf course with four different sets of tees is an enjoyable challenge for every golfer. The greens are the very best in the area – always fast, always true. With bent grass fairways and our grounds crews dedicated hard work, we have grown a reputation for excellence.


– PAR 4 –

Bombs away! Hit it long and straight down this bowled fairway that will funnel shots down either side toward the middle. The closer you can get to the green off tee the better.

Sawmill Dots_Page_4 382 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 357
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 340 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 315


– PAR 3 –

Precise yardage is required off the tee on this medium to long length par 3. Take into account the wind and be sure to avoid the left side which is guarded by steep drop offs and the Sawmill Creek.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 198 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 190
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 174 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 163


– PAR 4 –

This hole is all about the tee shot. Play it safe and hit a long iron on fairway wood out towards the 150 yard marker or bring out the big stick and take a shot at carrying it all the way to the green. The green is well protected by bunkers short and left and water right.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 355 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 340
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 313 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 286


– PAR 4 –

Avoid the right side of this hole which is covered in fescue and bunkers. A safe tee shot is a long iron or wood off the tee. The big hitter can take a chance and go for the green but that doesn’t always mean a birdie is on the way with a well protected green.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 336 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 321
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 305 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 267


– PAR 3 –

This tricky little par 3 is well guarded by large bunkers and mounds of fescue and bluegrass rough and most of the green is not visible from the tee. Take the wind into account and commit to your shot.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 166 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 152
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 145 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 141


– PAR 5 –

This dog leg right par 5 offers a risk reward tee shot. Play it safe with a high tee shot aimed between the two fairway bunkers to a shallow landing area leaving a long second shot into a green well guarded in front. The big hitters can take a line right off the second fairway bunker with a carry of about 300 yards off the tee leaving a short iron shot and a real chance at eagle.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 521 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 499
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 458 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 435


– PAR 4 –

The longest par 4 on the golf course can be a beast if the wind is in your face. Bunkers and O.B. guard the left side and mounds of thick rough line the right side. Hit it long and straight down the fairway in order to attach the narrow kidney shaped green.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 446 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 414
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 387 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 370


– PAR 5 –

A great par 5 with bunkers waiting down the right side and O.B. all the way down the left. A generous fairway allows the longer player to be rewarded with a shot at the green in two. Birdies can still be made the hard way with a layup on the second shot just over the bunker in the fairway.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 550 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 535
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 505 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 455


– PAR 3 –

The closing hole on the front 9 is a solid par 3 that requires an accurate tee shot. Errant shots left and right of this green can make par very difficult to achieve with bunkers, mounds of rough and water all waiting.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 197 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 181
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 162 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 135

HOLE #10

– PAR 4 –

Rip a tee shot over or to the left of the grass bunker to leave a short iron approach into this elevated green. Add yardage to the approach to account for the slight elevation change. Be sure to avoid the greenside bunkers right and left.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 409 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 390
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 368 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 324

HOLE #11

– PAR 4 –

This straight away par 4 rewards a good accurate tee shot that finds the fairway surrounded by mounding fescue and O.B. all the way down the left side. The green slopes from back to front and will hold a long approach shot.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 433 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 417
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 396 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 334

HOLE #12

– PAR 4 –

This difficult par 4 requires nothing less than pin point accuracy from tee to green. O.B. left and water right put a premium on hitting the fairway. Water in front and along the right side of this undulating green make par feel like a birdie.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 398 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 384
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 355 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 331

HOLE #13

– PAR 3 –

Our signature hole gives the look of an island green from the tee. The green is surrounded by water on the left, right and short sides so bare down and commit to the yardage.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 142 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 130
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 119 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 108

HOLE #14

– PAR 5 –

This dog leg left par 5 is a definite birdie hole for the long hitters. A Tee shot hugging the left side of the fairway and cutting off yardage will be rewarded with a mid iron approach into the slightly elevated green. Errant tee shots that find the fescue left or water right can easily turn this hole into a bogey or worse.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 526 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 504
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 474 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 424

HOLE #15

– PAR 3 –

The tee shot on this hole can be deceptive. Even though the tee is slightly elevated, the yardage is all carry to the green due to the bunkers guarding the front. Pick a number and stick with it.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 202 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 179
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 165 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 131

HOLE #16

– PAR 5 –

Another birdie opportunity awaits the player on this dog leg right par 5. A good accurate tee shot will leave the player with a long iron into a very large and flat green.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 496 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 469
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 446 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 423

HOLE #17

– PAR 3 –

The last par 3 on the course requires an accurate short iron tee shot. The green is well protected by bunker and hazards on all sides.


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 172 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 150
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 128 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 105

HOLE #18

– PAR 5 –

18 is a great finishing hole. Fire it long and straight and it will roll down the hill to a landing area leaving you with the option to go for it in two or try and make birdie the hard way. No guts, no glory on this hole!


Sawmill Dots_Page_4 516 Sawmill Dots_Page_2 497
Sawmill Dots_Page_1 470 Sawmill Dots_Page_3 447